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Colt Canyon Free Download

RELEASE DATE: 16 June 2020
GENRE: Action, Shooter

Colt Canyon Free Download PC Game

The Colt Canyon Skidrow is full of hidden treasures, arms, obstacles, and all sorts of bloodthirsty treasures. Colt Canyon is a stylish pixel-art screen with rogue elements and real-time fighting to save your abducted partner.

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About Colt Canyon Game

Take your revolver in this punchy and punchy rogue game and save your friend.

This Colt Canyon Repack is a 2D pixel art shooter, run by a cowboy or one of the many other unblockable characters whose mission is to rescue the ruthless bandits from his kidnapped partner. Take the gun and the TNT and shoot a hostile canyon full of hidden treasures, guns, barriers, and all manner of squamous shrubs.

Colt Canyon Cracked Steam

Maybe more people than your partner can be saved.

But be careful. Your partner is not done once you have your job. You must always come home…

You must…


  • Competence-based, not rubber-based
  • A selection of fun and unlockable characters and weapons
  • Dynamic and immersive enemies and environments
  • Mouse aid + Awesome Keyboard
  • Outstanding support for controller
  • Companions AI-controlled
  • Coop Regional
  • Improvements for you and your mates
  • Random, continuous and open levels
  • Strategic stealth and fast steps
  • Fighting Boss
  • Gameplay Intuitive
  • Crazy elements
  • Allowance
  • No grinding forced
  • Mechanics of Deep Game
  • High repetitiveness
  • High challenge
  • Possible infinite runs
  • Gorgeous minimalist art of pixel
  • Easy to learn, difficult to learn
  • Impacting effects of particles
  • Support for different screen decisions
  • Much polishing
  • So even more…

The developers describe the content like this:

Representations of aggression against guns and distorted pixel representations of blood.

DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 300 MB available space

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